But his father was trusting him. He even decided to buy a guitar to him. Two years later, in a rough concert, he wildly broke his guitar and burnt it on stage. But it suddenly set fire to his clothes. He nearly lost his legs, his left arm, and part of his hair. That is when his mother left his father. During the seven months he spent in hospital, he read and thought about life, about his future, about his commitment. Deeply hurt, he swore not to touch a guitar ever again, but to dedicate himself to oppressed people.
It is more than ten years now, he’s been preaching and encouraging Revolution everywhere in the world : in Brasil, in Ireland, in South Africa. Even though he does not play the guitar anylonger, he collects vinyls in traditional music, rock, country, folk, and even hip-hop and techno he discovered in a Freedom Party in Detroit. When ever he attends a congress, he visits the most underground record dealers of the city.
Whenever he can find some time, he plays as a DJ.
He even records very personal remixes for friends only in his Calimutcho Studios.
Don’t miss his very rare and crazy gigs. De puta madre !

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